W3C Open Source Software – News for 2011

This is an archive of the W3C Open Source Software release news for the year 2011. Please read the Latest News for up-to-date information.

HTML-XML-utils 6.0

7 April 2011: Version?6.0 of the HTML/XML utilities adds only one feature, but adds it to all utilities: support for document type declarations with neither a public ID nor a system ID, i.e., something like <!DOCTYPE foo>. Such declarations are currently rare, but that will probably change: HTML5 is expected to recommended that the first line of HTML5 documents is <!doctype html>

Hcalproxy 1.4

21 January 2011: Hcalproxy now supports IPv6.

HTML-XML-utils 5.9

19 January 2011: Version?5.9 of the HTML/XML utilities adds support for IPv6: the built-in HTTP client can now retrieve files over IPv6 (where available) and the URL parser understands numeric IPv6 addresses (e.g., “http://[2a01:e35:2e4f:c140:222:2ff:fe00:377]/”).

See the ChangeLog for details.

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